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Shannon is currently accepting self-pay , out-of-network insurance benefits, and is in-network with Blue Cross, Pacific Source, and Select Health.  She also takes Modern Health EAP.


Taylor is currently accepting self-pay and out-of-network insurance benefits, Blue Cross, and Pacific Source.


Click on this link to learn the benefits of using out-of-network insurance benefits or self-pay to see a therapist:

How to determine insurance eligibility

Step 1:  Look at the back of your insurance card

Step 2:  Call the "member" customer service number

Step 3:  Ask the customer service representative what your "mental health benefits" are.

If they need further information such as CPT codes, NPI numbers for providers or diagnosis codes here is some of the information you will likely need.

CPT codes: 90837 (if you are wanting to make sure they cover Telehealth you may ask this specifically or tell them modifiers GT or 95)

NPI Numbers:  

For Shannon Kerrick 1811349129

For Taylor Moyle 1013599133

For Emma Cherry 1447674387

For Emily Voorhees 1912186727

Diagnosis Codes (if they need this to verify benefits, these will be different for each client, but can give us a general idea):

Anxiety Disorder: F41.9

Major Depressive Disorder: F33.1

You are responsible for verifying your benefits and determining eligibility.  If your insurance does not pay, you are responsible to pay the remaining balance.

Some good questions to ask your insurance company:

Do I have a copay for mental health?

Is the copay subject to my deductible?

Do I have a deductible which must be met prior to insurance paying?

What is the amount of my deductible?

If out of network:

What are my out of network benefits?

What is my out of network deductible?

Once this is met, what will insurance reimburse?

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